The best metal sculptures of 2018

best metal sculptures of 2018

Metal is undoubtedly the most versatile and timeless material. The medium allows for endless possibilities and continues to deliver some of the most amazing sculptures. We love how sculptors use various metals, so we prepared our subjective list of top 5 metal sculptures in 2018 from Instagram. From small metal pieces to giant site specific sculptures to intricately detailed wall sculptures; metal has become the medium to express emotions and ideologies and to simply inspire you.

1. Recycled Mild Steel: “The Kiss” by Penny Hardy

The eye catching artwork named “The Kiss” features as one of the most popular metal sculptures on Instagram in 2018. The artist, Penny Hardy tries to capture and freeze the exact moment of the kiss. If you can feel the sensation and vigour of energy being followed with the kiss, then you are just in line with the artist’s ideology. The artist believes in transforming abstract emotion and feelings into tangible experience. As a result, these fluid and free flowing structures can certainly manifest emotions and feelings into physical reality.

Material: Recycled Mild Steel.


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2.  Painted Corten: “Focus IX” by Eddie Roberts (Cult-Ore)

Yorkshire-based sculptor Eddie Robert uses metal in the unique way. The metal almost assumes paper like quality to induce amazing rhythm and harmony in the sculpture. These extraordinary forms reflect the interaction of the artist with architecture, geometry and nature. It seems like “Focus IX”  creates a certain paradox where it becomes difficult to decide if the sculpture is opening and curling outwards or closing and curling inwards.  So intriguing!

Material: Corten Steel.


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3.  Various Scrap Metal: “Giraffe” by Matt Wilson

The spectacular Giraffe sculpture can certainly deceive your eye. On first sight you may notice a giraffe and on the second – the crane becomes more noticeable.  This play of visuals is in fact a reflection of the environment we live with a clash of nature and industry. In fact the sculpture is part of the artist’s quest to sustain nature and resources. Matt Wilson indeed brings about an interesting contrast  of ideas through detailed metal sculpture.

Material: Various Scrap Metal.


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4. Stainless Steel: “Meditations” by Nick Tommey

The “Meditations” series of Nick Tommey moves away from conventional metal sculptures.

The artist plays around with color and texture of metal to explore the laws of energy.  He physically applies energy to change the appearance and state of metal. This flow of energy is described as “Meditation” by the artist himself, and it seems like the metal records and captures the interaction.  Stunning texture and colour reveal their own story.

Material: Stainless Steel.


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5. “Skater Bird” by  Brad Oldham Sculpture Studio

The giant “Skater bird” is a site specific sculpture located atop of a building in Dallas. The artfully designed sculpture reflects the skyline of the city. The free spirited bird  is to inspire artist to take a courageous jump in their own artistic life.

Material: Stainless Steel.


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