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Our stunning Corten Steel Gap Log Burner will become the centrepiece of any area it is used in. The soft, orange hue of the corten steel used in the form of a Log Burner conjures up feelings of warmth before the fire has even started. The sharp, clean edges of this Corten Steel Gap Log Burner lend this piece an air of sophistication. Fabricated from 3 mm thick Corten Steel as standard, these Log Burners are extremely strong meaning they are suited to both domestic and commercial applications. The Log Burner is available to purchase with a door, with a door and a pizza oven or without a door dependent on where it will be used and for what purpose. Two size options for each door variant are available to purchase meaning it is easy to find the perfect Log Burner to fit any design space. There are also many accessories available to ensure the Log Burner is suitable for either indoor or outdoor usage, please see table below for list of accessories and contact us to discuss options. High-quality 3mm thick Corten Steel Weather-resistant Self-protecting rust finish over time WARNING: During The Weathering Period, run-off Can Stain Adjacent Materials Additional accessories available, click here for details  - please email the sales team if you require any of the accessories Corten Steel (or weathering steel) is an alloy that naturally forms a rust coating the over the first 9 months or so of it being exposed to the weather. Interestingly, due to the composition of this special alloy, this rust coating forms a protective layer that prevents further rusting. The steel underneath remains unimpaired as the outer layer continues to protect and regenerate as it exposed to water and oxygen. Please use links below for technical drawings: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -  

Corten Steel Gap Log Burner

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Maine Pizza Oven  This wood fired pizza oven is sustainably manufactured using local suppliers across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Designed to be used outside, this product is highly durable with a naked steel finish that will endure weather conditions and age beautifully with a patina, rustic look. As well as being a key tool in producing high quality pizzas (and any other delicious recipes you choose to try), this pizza oven is a garden feature and focal entertainment point for socialising with family and friends. What's included? - Flat Pack kit to build 1 x pizza oven (instructions included) - 2 x pizza stones Building your oven: You will receive your pizza oven as a flat pack kit that takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to assemble guided by an instruction manual. There are no tools required enabling a stress free process. Dimensions  20.43" x 15.87" x 33.8" - Large

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Summer evenings get even better with Laurel, our popular Corten steel fire bowl. Crafted in stylish and long-lasting Corten steel, this Laurel is the perfect way to bring heat and light to your patio or garden. Gather your guests round for drinks at this stunning feature, toast marshmallows and enjoy the warm glow. Corten steel is a clever material that 'weathers' when it comes into contact with moisture. The surface of the metal transforms from smooth, blue-grey to a textured, rust-coloured finish, This industrial aesthetic also protects the steel within from corrosion, making it the perfect metal for use in the great outdoors. No wonder garden designers love it! Achieve this contemporary designer look easily by adding this showstopping, long-lasting fire bowl to your outdoor space. With its fiery, orange colour (once aged), Laurel looks as magical in the daytime as it does lit when night falls.
Key features
  • Self-protecting rust finish develops over time
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made from high-quality Corten Steel
  • WARNING: During the weathering period (6-9 months), run-off may stain adjacent materials
Corten Steel weathering – how it works:
  1. Please Note: Corten products can arrive at any stage of weathering. We cannot guarantee what level they will be or even if multiple items ordered at the same time will all be at the same level. Unweathered areas of your planter will be the colour of freshly manufactured steel, with a dark oily coating.
  2. As your fire bowl begins to weather, the oily residue will break down.
  3. Your bowl will begin to change gradually to uniform orange-brown. Please be aware that ‘run-off’ may stain stone or concrete surfaces and bear this in mind when deciding where to place your fire bowl.
  4. After 9 months, your fire bowl should be almost entirely rust-coloured. Please be aware that run-off may still occur for several months after the uniform rust colour has been achieved.
Let Us Help If you need any advice or assistance, just give our friendly team a call on 0191 338 6154, or drop us a line on Delivery Information and Costs Delivery times may vary but generally take around 14 working days. Pallet deliveries are kerbside only unless a suitable offload area is available. If you have any questions regarding delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Laurel Corten Steel Fire Bowl