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HomeGardenWhite Fibreglass PlantersGlossy White Trough Fibreglass Planter

Glossy White Trough Fibreglass Planter

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  • Lightweight fibreglass is easy to install and reposition
  • Resilient and Durable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Variety of Finishes
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Holes Drilled on Request

The glossy white fibreglass planter is part of our contemporary fibreglass planters range. The material for these planters has been selected specifically for the particular qualities it has that makes it not only a viable, but a superior modern building material. Our fibreglass is Ultra violet and weather resistant, which makes it ideal for a product that will likely spend a lot of it’s life exposed to the natural elements. In addition to this, fibreglass is easily manufactured in a variety of shapes and colours with relative ease – which is why our fibreglass category is the largest and most varied on the website.

The planters in particular are manufactured in glossy white, this makes the fairly neutral in terms of colour scheme and they should fit seamlessly with the majority of designs. That said however, they are distinctly contemporary in appearance and they may look somewhat out of place alongside more traditional garden elements or more rustic building features. The exception to this might be where an old or even a stately home has been redecorated in a modern or minimalist design. White is a clean colour, and promotes a neat and tidy atmosphere.

Another reason fibreglass is ideal as a manufacturing material is that it is extremely light when compared to the building materials that it imitates, like stone or lead. These planters will be easy to place or re-position should you wish, and yet they will maintain the appearance of something a lot more robust. With that in mind however, it should be noted that when these planters are filled up with soil, they become very heavy indeed, as any planter would.

As for the shape of these planters, they have been designed as a trough. This makes them ideal for bordering outdoor space, creating artificially raised flowerbeds in man-made areas. When planting up a trough, you will also have the opportunity to create a natural wall for increased privacy. You can do this by planting them up with bamboo or likewise other tall plants that would obstruct the vision of anyone looking to invade your privacy. Creating these ‘natural barriers’ is not only a great idea if you want to improve your privacy without building a wall; You can use natural barriers to create structure within your garden or outdoor space. If you have a particularly large garden, or one that is oddly elongated or wide, you can essentially split it into multiple outdoor rooms, that are easier to then theme, design and manage. Buy this glossy white fibreglass trough planter from Flora Select now and you will be making a prudent choice.


100 x 40 x 50cm, 60 x 30 x 30cm, 80 x 40 x 40cm


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