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HomeGardenBlack PlantersMatte Grey Tower | Fibreglass Planter

Matte Grey Tower | Fibreglass Planter

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The matte grey tower, like all the products in our fibreglass range, is constructed with a carefully selected lightweight and durable material. This allows for easy transport, installation, and desired alterations in the placement. This versatility allows for ease with repositioning of the planter to suit your landscaping wishes, so that you can ensure the planter suits your landscaping needs.

Whilst initially being a lightweight structure, once positioned and filled the planter provides a sturdy base for your choice of plant. This adds suitability for both outdoor and indoor placement of the plant pot. Available in different sizes, either choice, once filled, it proves to be resistant to outdoor conditions, with the ability to withstand strong winds and anchor lollipop trees, flowers, or any choice of greenery or vegetation.

The sleek and smart, elongated cubic linear shape allows for discrete placement in corners, making it ideal for lining rooms and walkways. Whether used to fill smaller gaps and spaces such as corners or to line and larger areas, the neutral and simple contemporary design works with a wide range of rooms and styles. The simpler tower design combined with the neutral grey allows for decorative contrast to be created, with the combination of an industrial and minimalistic, sleek modern look to be combined with any other themed décor, without the difficulty of clashing styles.

The varied sizes available allows for a diverse sense of height and depth to be created in any outdoor or indoor space, with a wide range of possibilities in terms of placement and combination of these planters. Whether used to flank doorways in offices, entrances outside and inside of buildings, or to line hallways, this minimalistic matte grey tower design perfectly combines a professionally neutral tone with a sleek and innovative, geometric modern look.

An alternative home use would also work successfully. The possibilities range from outdoor use lining patios and garden paths, as well as indoor use adding decorative possibilities to open plan kitchens. Perfect for successive use to unite a room or to divide and create a sense of sectioning in an open indoor or outdoor space. This would be ideal for add an element of privacy, whilst maintaining the spacious and open look much desired in modern landscaping and decorating, due to the incorporation of greenery and the possibility that comes with the use of planters as opposed to alternative furnishings.

  • Lightweight fibreglass is easy to install and reposition
  • Resilient and Durable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Variety of Finishes
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Holes Drilled on Request

30 x 30 x 60cm, 40 x 40 x 80cm


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