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HomeGardenForno Grill with Storage

Forno Grill with Storage

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Additional Information

  • Self-Protecting Rust Finish Over Time
  • 3mm Thick Material
  • Made From High Quality Corten Steel
  • WARNING: During The Weathering Period,Run-off Can Stain Adjacent Materials
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BBQ Grill and Holder included
  • Charcoal and Wood Fired

How Your Product Will Weather?

When your product arrives it will depending, on when it was manufactured will be the colour of freshly manufactured steel, with a dark oily coating or in a stage of patina.
As your Corten Steel planter begins to weather, the oily residue will break down.
Your product will begin to change colour, during this stage – the ‘run-off’ may stain stone or concrete surfaces that it comes into contact with.
After 9 months, some ‘run-off’ may still occur.
Bring your kitchen outside with the Forno Circular Grill with Storage. The BBQ grill and roasting plate allows you to prepare healthy meals. Varying in temperature, the round, wide and thick plate get hotter towards the middle, enabling you to manage your cooking requirements. This versatile product allows for a range of different ingredients to be served. The hotplate can even be used as a teppanyaki or plancha. The BBQ is fired through the use of charcoal, however using wood it can also be transformed into a fire pit. The Forno Circular Grill with Storage by Adezz can be used on every surface through the use of the adjustable solid legs. An air button will control the flow of making, making it adjustable for all your cooking needs. The warm rust colour creates an industrial feel to your garden. Robust and strong, the circular shape add elegance to the product, leaves a lasting impression in your outdoor space. The addition of the storage unit further expands the product. Wood can be kept to fuel the fit pit and kitchen utensils and accessories can be kept for ease of cooking.

How to use

During the first use it is important to make a small fire for the first 25 minutes before increasing it. This will cause the roasting plate to become significantly hotter on the underside. This temperature difference will concave the plate slightly. This process is no long necessary after the first use. After a few uses the oil will have burned into the plate, this is when the BBQ will work best. This will also protect the plate from rusting when the BBQ is not in use. For the best results, use an oil with a high degree of combustion such as sunflower oil.

Cleaning is not necessary; the excess oils and food can be scrapped into the fire and a damp cloth can wipe down the roasting plate.

After around 25-30 minutes the inside edge of the roasting plate will reach a temperature of 275 – 300°c.


200 x 70 x 115cm


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