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HomeAccessoriesStainless Steel Flat Bar 304/304L

Stainless Steel Flat Bar 304/304L

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Mild Steel Angle Black S235/S275 is an angle shaped S235/S275 Black Mild Steel.

S235/S275 is an unalloyed low carbon mild steel grade supplied as hot rolled.

As a low carbon steel specification, S235/S275 provides low strength with good machinability and is suitable for welding

Additional Information

Stainless Steel Flat Bar 304/304L is a flat shaped 304/304L Stainless Steel Alloy bar.

304/304L Stainless Steel Alloy has excellent mechanical properties and is resistant to many corrosive agents.

It is useful where sanitation and cleanliness are important. Non magnetic in the annealed condition. Hardness and tensile strength can be increased by cold working, but modified by lowered carbon content providing good resistance to corrosion in welded construction where subsequent heat treatment is not practical.

Grade 304L (L= low carbon) is the same as the 304 except it has an extra-low-carbon analysis, the advantage of which is that it precludes any harmful precipitation in the 800º F to 1500º F range, such as might otherwise occur in welding heavier sections.

Tube Size (a x b)

Slit & Edge 20MM X 3MM, Slit & Edge 20MM X 5MM, Slit & Edge 20MM X 6MM, Slit & Edge 25MM X 3MM, Slit & Edge 25MM X 5MM, Slit & Edge 25MM X 6MM, Slit & Edge 30MM X 3MM, Slit & Edge 30MM X 5MM, Slit & Edge 30MM X 6MM, Slit & Edge 40MM X 3MM, Slit & Edge 40MM X 5MM, Slit & Edge 40MM X 6MM, Slit & Edge 50MM X 3MM, Slit & Edge 50MM X 5MM, Slit & Edge 50MM X 6MM, True Bar 100MM X 10MM, True Bar 100MM X 12MM, True Bar 100MM X 15MM, True Bar 100MM X 3MM, True Bar 100MM X 5MM, True Bar 100MM X 6MM, True Bar 10MM X 3MM, True Bar 125MM X 12MM, True Bar 12MM X 3MM, True Bar 12MM X 5MM, True Bar 12MM X 6MM, True Bar 15MM X 3MM, True Bar 15MM X 5MM, True Bar 2"X 3/4", True Bar 20MM X 10MM, True Bar 20MM X 12MM, True Bar 20MM X 3MM, True Bar 20MM X 5MM, True Bar 20MM X 6MM, True Bar 20MM X 8MM, True Bar 25MM X 10MM, True Bar 25MM X 12MM, True Bar 25MM X 15MM, True Bar 25MM X 3MM, True Bar 25MM X 5MM, True Bar 25MM X 6MM, True Bar 25MM X 8MM, True Bar 30MM X 10MM, True Bar 30MM X 15MM, True Bar 30MM X 20MM, True Bar 30MM X 3MM, True Bar 30MM X 5MM, True Bar 30MM X 6MM, True Bar 30MM X 8MM, True Bar 40MM X 10MM

Tube Length



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