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Metal box sections or square tubes from Buy Metal Online are available in brass. We use high quality materials in the construction and manufacture our metal box sections in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

As a leading metal manufacturer, we can also create metal boxes sections in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from stock or contact us for a custom quote.

They can be safely drilled, machined, cut and welded and provide reliable tolerances for any use. This makes our square tubes ideal for a wide range of uses including structural.

Typical applications for metal box sections include framing, structural components, shelving, automotive uses, construction, transportation, warehousing, security, fabrication and many more uses.

They are so versatile, you’ll probably see them everywhere and not even realise it!

We manufacture, mould, cut and ship our own metal box sections so can easily handle bulk or custom orders.

We can cut metal box sections to any size using precision tools and can deliver them to your door fast.

Buy from our store or contact a member of the Buy Metal Online team if you have any questions or need a custom quote.