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hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet
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Pickled and Oiled Hot Rolled Steel Sheets The smoother steel Rolling, pickling and oiling might all sound like they’re something to do with food, but before you get hungry, remember that this is a metal website and in this case we’re talking about steel (sorry!) When metal goes through any hot process, it can be left with a residue or scaling on its surface, which, when exposed to moisture, can turn to rust. This can be avoided by giving the steel a treatment to which smoothes things over, called pickling. Afterwards, the material is rinsed before a protective layer of oil blocks out the elements and gives this metal its flawless looks and strong performance. It’s perfect if your project requires a metal with a totally blemish-free surface: think painting, powder-coating and furnishings. As with all our products, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet (also known as oiled steel sheet and pickled steel sheet) can be trimmed to the precise size you need, with no minimum order. Our hot rolled steel prices are highly competitive; just select what you need in the boxes above, or call us to take advantage of our free cutting service. Good for: Radiators, metal furniture, domestic appliances, powder-coating, painting ...this oiled steel is perfect for any other situation in which a smooth surface is paramount. How it’s made: The process of making hot rolled steel leads to oxidisation, meaning a layer of scale, impurities and debris can be left behind. In order to prevent rust from forming on the surface of the metal when it is exposed to the air, this scale needs to go. Pickling takes care of this: by dipping the steel sheet into exactly the right acid, the oxide is dissolved and the metal is de-scaled. The ‘scale jacket’ that’s removed is a very thin layer, usually a tiny fraction of a centimetre thick, but it makes all the difference to the finished product’s appearance: metal with scale has a grey, dull appearance, whereas that which has been pickled comes out with a gleaming sheen. Once the scale is gone, pickled steel is rinsed, before being given an extra layer of protection from the elements in the form of an oil barrier. Benefits:
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Protection from the elements
  • Totally de-scaled
  • Versatile
What our customers say about us: “Brilliant service! Brilliant service from start to finish.” – Lee Painter, December 2015. Metal Facts: What’s the tallest structure in the world? You’d be forgiven for thinking it is a skyscraper, but it’s actually an oil rig. Located in the Gulf of Mexico and used by Shell, its top is 1306 metres above the ocean floor. Pipes and enormous steel tethers keep the platform connected with the bed of the ocean.
hot rolled steel sheet
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Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Please note thickness ranging from 1.5mm-2.5mm are grade DD11 - 3mm-6mm are S275 Brilliantly Versatile Looking for a metal that’s easy to shape? This is the one. A big favourite with blacksmiths, our hot rolled mild steel sheet is ideal for when pliability is key. Of course, in its normal state, it's strong stuff, but the process used to form it means it becomes more malleable when hot, making it perfect for forging. At the steel mill, ultra-heated carbon steel (often known as plain or mild steel) is passed through two heavy duty rollers, which flatten it into sheets. Imagine dough being squeezed through two giant rolling pins and you’ve got the right idea. The finished product is a ductile yet sturdy metal that’s up to countless jobs. Just like our other products, our hot rolled steel sheet comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes to suit your project. There’s no minimum order and we can cut master sizes down to precisely the dimensions you need, so that nothing goes to waste. Good for: Construction, automotive parts, agricultural equipment, energy provision, industry strip, lifting, blacksmithing, manufacturing, excavating, pipes, railway and train carriage components and more. How it's made: Ingots or slabs of steel are heated to almost 1000ºC (this scorching heat ensures it's over the all-important recrystallisation temperature) before being passed through twin heavy rollers in the steel mill. When the metal is as hot as this, it can be easily manipulated into the shape and size required. One of the reasons why hot rolled steel is in demand is that it can be made quickly and in larger sized sheets than other metals. As long as the temperature of the metal at the time of rolling is above its recrystallisation temperature, it is classed as hot rolling (when the process happens at room temperature, it’s called cold rolling or cold reducing, and the finished product is less malleable.) Hot rolled steel is often pickled after the rolling process to remove any surface scale; see our hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet if you’re looking for hot rolled plate with a smoother finish. Benefits:
  • Malleable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
What our customers say about us: “Superb seller, excellent comms. Will definitely buy from them again. Cheers.” – 7th March 2015, eBay buyer aimct. “Items as described. Good quality steel. Prompt delivery. Thank you.” – 12th February 2015, eBay buyer venturiengineering Random Fact: The largest steel plate on record was used for the 4th Liwa festival in Liwa, UAE, in 2008. Measuring a whopping 10.06 by 2.03 metres, it was filled with 2000kg of dates.
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Rusted Hot-rolled Steel A rustic patina Our rusted hot-rolled steel makes an excellent alternative to the ever-popular Corten steel. The industrial aesthetic continues to be extremely popular in art, design and architecture, and as a result, demand for our Corten product is high. We have created a more affordable alternative to this much-loved product by adding a layer of decorative rust to the outer surface of our hot-rolled steel sheet. This means you get all the malleability and durability of hot-rolled steel, with the added benefit of a stylish orange hue. It’s worth bearing in mind that the rust effect is less uniform than that of Corten, but if you’re looking for a genuine patina, the overall effect of this finish is ideal. Our hot-rolled rusted steel is a wonderful choice for art and sculpture, where pliability is a must, but so are good looks. As with all our mild steel metals, it’s available in a huge choice of ready-cut sizes, and we can also cut it down to precisely the size you need for your project, however small, for free. There’s no minimum order, either, so whatever your project, we’ll supply you with just what you need. Good for: Landscaping, sculpture, art, architecture, garden accessories, blacksmithing, interior and exterior design, decorative panelling, architecture, cladding and many more. How it’s made: At the steel mill, ingots of mild steel are heated to a scorching 1000 degrees Celsius, then passed through two huge rollers to flatten them out into sheets. Rolling the steel out at such a high temperature makes it more malleable in the future than that which has been cold-rolled. At Buy Metal Online, we then use a chemical bath to rust the hot-rolled steel sheets, giving it the orangey hue that makes it stand out and look great. Benefits:
  • An affordable alternative to Corten
  • Very malleable
  • Has a distinctive, textured rust effect
  • Extremely versatile
What our customers say about us: “Really good. Product exactly as described, cut to perfect size, very speedy delivery. Very pleased with professionalism and service.” – Stephen, Trustpilot, December 2016. Random fact: Rust painting is a form of art in which artists deliberately rust sections of sheet metal to create often stunning images. One of the most interesting of these was a portrait of former American President Abraham Lincoln by Milwaukee Modern, who rusted the iconic politician’s face into the bonnet of a car… which was, of course, a Lincoln Continental.

Rusted Hot Rolled Sheet

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The Non-slip One So good, they named it loads of times! Diamond plate, mild steel chequer plate, steel tread plate - whatever you call it, this is the metal you need when slip-resistance is a must. An icon of the metal world, treadplate is a time-served favourite when it comes to safety underfoot. Thicknesses: 3mm, and 4.5mm thick sheet. Health and safety is one of the most crucial considerations when it comes to construction, which is why diamond plate is always in demand. It's instantly recognisable by the smart, repetitive pattern of five-bar diamonds or lines that give it its brilliant grip. You've probably stepped over steel tread plate on walkways, stairs and in lifts. It's popular because it's safe and self-draining. Not only that, it’s really easy to clean, keeping corrosion at a minimum and making it ultra hard-wearing. Made from hot-rolled steel, our chequer plate is embossed with a neat, raised pattern that not only offers excellent non-skid performance, but also looks good. In fact, diamond plate is so aesthetically pleasing that it is often used for walls and floors in a non-industrial setting. Also known as Durbar plate and checker plate, this mild steel sheet is a construction must-have. Like all our metals, we can custom-cut our tread plate to provide you with precisely what you need. How is it made? The raised pattern of lines, five bar chequers or diamonds that gives this metal its edge is embossed on to one side of the mild steel plate, leaving the reverse completely flat. This happens through a hot rolling process, which, through a combination of pressure and heat, permanently stamps the design into the metal’s surface. Good for: Stairs, walkways, platforms, construction sites, bridges, ramps, play equipment, containers, lifts, shipbuilding, offshore installations, commercial vehicles, cladding and anywhere else that requires a safe, non-slip surface underfoot - or simply an iconic metallic pattern.  
  • Non-slip
  • Easy-clean
  • Iconic, industrial design
What our customers say about us: “Couldn't have been happier. I needed a sheet of metal for a DIY project. They had loads of options that made it very easy to order exactly what I wanted.” – Reuben Hope, December 2015. Metal Facts: - Michael Lotito, aka Monsieur Mangetout, was a Frenchman who ate metal. Before his death in 2007, he consumed many tonnes of metal, including TVs, bicycles and even a small aircraft. It's unclear whether he ever ingested any steel tread plate.

Steel Checker Plate