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Ready to use adhesive. Bonds to wood, brick, plasterboard, metal, glass, ceramic and most common surfaces inside and out. Great for bonding architrave, skirting etc splashbacks and magnetic boards Important - Do not use on damp surfaces, as a mirror adhesive or on polystyrene/styrofoam/expaned polyurethane. Any heavy materials (more than 8kg/square metre) must be supported for 8-24hours depending on size of item. Solvents may attack sensitive plastics. Please test a small area first.   Evostik tube - 30g Evostik Tin - 500ml


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Remove the grease from the surface using the degreaser above if it has been cold rolled
  • Sand the surface if it has been hot rolled
  • Shake the product well making sure there is no deposit left at the base, before applying the accelerator, the surface must be perfectly dry
  • Spread the product with a roller and dip it in the accelerator
  • The layer of accelerator must cover the surface evenly, and not leave drops. If this is not the case, the grease is not adequately removed and you have not pushed hard enough with the roller
  • After 30 minutes, the surface will start to turn blue,oxidation begins, if some areas are not blue it is because there has not been enough of a coating
  • After 2 hours, apply water or another layer of accelerator if required, humidity and a temperature above 15°C favors the oxidation of Corten steel.
  • The product is acid free, it only oxidizes the surface and will not go any deeper. It does not require any other product such as a stabilizer to stop corrosion
  • The corrosion of the surface will continue for 2 weeks, the orange hue of the rust will darken from day to day to achieve a darker shade that is characteristic of permanent rust.
  • As an added option, to limit the risk of dripping on the floor, you can use a varnish
If the metal is in permanent contact with humidity (fountains, plant boxes inside...), it is essential to use a varnish so that the Corten steel does not decompose.


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Designed for Corten steel, can be applied on all types of metal
  • Waterproof
  • No more rust run-off on your floors during rainfall
  • 100ft² per litre inside and 50ft² per litre outside
  • No more fingerprints on the surface
  • Naturally occurring
  • Made in France
  • Inside and outside use
  PROTOCOL Be careful after applying the varnish, the Corten steel will stop rusting instantly.
  • Apply the varnish to the entire rusty surface with a roller and spread the coat evenly.
  • The varnish has a white colour, it will become transparent when drying.
  • Leave to dry for 12 hours
If the Corten steel is for outdoor use, apply a second coat of varnish after 6 hours, then leave to dry for 12 hours     Please note lead time for this product can be up to 8 working days.


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A quick curing clear silicone sealant. It remains permanently flexible, forming a weather tight rubber-like seal. Also contains an anti-fungal compound to help prevent mould growth.


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Non-abrasive cleaner for use specifically on stainless steel. Suitable for removing light soiling and stains. Does not contain acid or abrasives and will not scratch, corrode or damage stainless steel. Shake can thoroughly before use and spray from a distance of 15 to 30cm. Wipe surface clean with a soft dry cloth and buff for a clean shiny finish.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

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Tool kit for the rust accelerator or the sealer. The foam roller ensures an equal covering of the product on the chosen surface. Plastic tray for all products. Roller width: 110mm.