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Brass kitchen splashbacks

Brass splashbacks from Buy Metal Online are carefully selected for their quality, looks and finish. We select the best brass out there and can provide it in standard sizes or cut it to size. Lead time for lacquering can be up to 10 working days from order. Brass is richer and has more character than stainless steel yet is just as easy to work with. All of our brass splashbacks are delivered ready to fit. All splashbacks can be affixed using metal fixings or adhesives. This flexibility is one of the reasons metal splashbacks are so popular! Metal splashbacks have several advantages over plaster or tile. They are easier to fit, requiring just some fixings or adhesive. They are easier to clean, with no grooves and no grout to discolour and they are available in a range of colours and finishes that tile just cannot compete with. Best of all, they are affordable too! They can be cheaper to buy and install than tile, can last longer if looked after properly and are exceptionally durable. All characteristics we look for in our kitchens.

Caring for your brass splashback

Another key advantage of brass is that it is very low maintenance. All you need to keep it clean is some warm water.  Wipe it down regularly and your brass splashback will give you many years of faithful service! If you splash anything acidic, deeply coloured, or abrasive onto your brass splashback, wipe clean immediately to prevent marking or discolouration.

Custom brass splashbacks for your home

Buy Metal Online provides brass splashbacks in a range of standard sizes but we can also cut to measure. Just select an appropriate size and let us know the dimensions on the order page.

Aged brass splashbacks from Halman Thompson

Our partner Halman Thompson creates incredible handcrafted aged brass splashbacks. These are ideal for a stunning feature piece with a heritage feel. Check out their aged brass splashbacks.

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Brass Splashback

stainless steel splashback
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Why use Stainless Steel as a splashback? Stainless Steel has been the number one choice for food service, cookware and industrial kitchens for a very long time due to its hygienic and protective qualities – meaning it is safe to use in your kitchen and other food preparation areas. Also, it is resistant to rusting, corrosion and (you guessed it) staining. Stainless Steel looks sleek, stylish and modern and would suit any kitchen colour scheme. Refresh your kitchen on a budget by adding a splashback and a new lick of paint. Save time on cleaning A Stainless Steel splashback protects your kitchen walls from heat, grease and water damage. The splashbacks are easy to clean, so you can spend more time admiring your kitchen and less time cleaning up! Stainless Steel Splashbacks from Buy Metal Online Our Stainless Steel Splashbacks come in a Mill finish and 0.9mm thickness as standard. Get a bespoke splashback, just for you, using our free cutting service so you can install it right away! Our splashbacks are easy to install in 3 steps:
  1. Use a household drill to drill a hole in each corner
  2. Use screws to secure into the wall
  3. Enjoy your new Splashback!
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Stainless Steel Splashback