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3mm Mild Steel Sheet

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3mm Mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online are a solid choice for building and construction, maintenance, the automotive industry, DIY projects and hundreds of other uses. Mild steel is strong, malleable and weldable, making it an excellent material to work with.

Order your 3mm mild steel sheet online in a range of standard sizes or we can precision cut to almost any shape or size free of charge.

Key qualities of 3mm mild steel sheet

Mild steel is renowned for its ability to weld and bend to your requirements. You can cut it, weld it, paint or spray it, fold, roll or form it.

Your 3mm mild steel sheet will come with the same great qualities, such as:

  1. Flexibility: Mild steel can be shaped, formed, cut, joined, welded and more. It has a multitude of different uses across every industry.
  2. Low cost: Mild steel has a relatively low production cost, making it a cost-effective material for your projects.
  3. Strength: Even though mild steel is malleable and weldable, it has a high tensile and impact strength.

We also offer a free cutting service on all our mild steel sheets so they retain their core characteristics while meeting your requirements.

Uses of 3mm mild steel sheet

With a wide range of applications, mild steel sheets are one of the most popular forms of steel available on the market. It can be used in almost any industry, for almost any conceivable purpose.

We commonly see 3mm mild steel sheets used in a range of applications. From medium-duty manufacturing, construction and fabrication, these metal sheets can be used for trailer beds, 

    • Construction: 3mm mild steel sheet can be used in ducting, pipes, internal structures, air conditioning, interior design and more.


    • Automotive: Mild steel sheets are often used in car body repairs and many other automotive uses.


    • Furniture and architecture: Mild steel can be shaped, formed, cut or welded, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture or interior decorating.


  • Industrial use: Mild steel can be used in kitchens, factories, warehouses, workshops and anywhere you can imagine.

While the metal is prone to corrosion, it can be painted, treated or galvanised to be used in outdoor applications as well.

3mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online

Choose 3mm mild steel sheets from Buy Metal Online. We cut to order and deliver fast.

Select from a range of standard sizes or request a custom size or shape. Our specialist team will laser-cut your 3mm mild steel sheet to your exact dimensions.

We offer a Best Price Guarantee so we won’t be beaten on price. If you find the same quality product elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 5% or more!

Order today for fast delivery to your door – free on all orders over £100. Contact us for expert advice and trade discounts.

View our main Mild Steel Sheets page for more sheet thickness options.

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