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Brass Square Tube CZ108

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Mild Steel Angle Galvanised is an angle shaped galvanised Mild Steel.

Hot-dip galvanising is the process of coating iron or steel with a thin zinc layer, by passing the steel through a molten bath of zinc at a temperature of around 860 °F (460 °C). When exposed to the atmosphere, pure zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate, a dull grey, fairly strong material that stops further corrosion in many circumstances, protecting the steel below from the elements.

Galvanised steel is widely used in applications where rust resistance is needed, and can be identified by the crystallization patterning on the surface (often called a “spangle”).

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Additional Information

Brass Square Tube CZ108 is a square shaped tube of CZ108 Brass Alloy.
Known as basis brass, CZ108 Brass Alloy is one of the most popular grades of brass due to its hot and cold working capabilities.
Supplied primarily as a sheet grade, this material is often used for general purpose and simple forming operations. It offers very good corrosion resistance in normal environments and good machinability at slow speeds.
• Specifications
CZ108 (CW508L) Basic Brass
• Characteristics
o Corrosion Resistance: Good
o Cold Working: Excellent
o Hot Working: Fair
o Weldability: Excellent
• Uses
Common uses of Brass Square Tube CZ108 include:
o Scientific Applications
o Radiators
o Heat Exchangers
o Decorative
• More Info
o Density = 8.44 g/cm³
o Melting Point = 916 °C
o Thermal Expansion = 20.5 x10^-6 /K
o Modulus of Elasticity = 103.4 GPa
o Thermal Conductivity = 116 W/m.K
o Tensile Strength = 440 Min MPa
o Hardness Vickers = 115 Min HV
o Proof Stress = 320 Min MPa
o Hardness Brinell = 110 Min HB
o Elongation A = 10 Min

Weight 25 kg
Size ( a x b x c )

1 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 0.063", 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 0.063", 1/2" X 1/2" X 0.063", 3/4" X 3/4" X 0.063"




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