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Metal kick plates from Buy Metal Online are designed to protect doors in high-traffic areas. They provide a tough, resistant surface where feet, trolleys, dollies and carts can open doors without marking or damaging them. Metal kick plates attach to the bottom of doors, where you would kick, push or bang a door open when you’re working quickly or carrying loads. It’s a small but important way to protect the building and its doors from damage.

Key qualities of metal kick plates

Metal kick plates are manufactured to a high standard from a range of different metals including aluminium and steel. Our metal kick plates are strong and durable with key qualities including:
  1. Protection: Metal kick plates are affixed to the bottom of any door to protect it from impact. Ideal in warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals and anywhere doors often get marked or damaged.

  2. Flexible: Metal kick plates can be cut to any size or shape and be used for protective or decorative purposes.

  3. Low maintenance: Screw or glue in place, keep clean and easily wipe off or polish out any marks or scratches. They are simple and very low maintenance.

  4. Cost-effective: Make doors last longer with a simple metal sheet and keep them looking good at the same time.

How to use metal kick plates

Metal kick plates can be attached to the bottom of a door to enable hands-free opening with feet or allow doors to be opened with material handling equipment like dollies and trolleys. These are ideal for businesses or institutions where doors tend to get marked or damaged. They are also suitable for use in the home. The metal plates absorb the brunt of the impact, extending the lifespan of your doors and reducing the need for repairs or repainting. These kick plates are also easy to clean compared to challenging scuffs, scratches or dents in doors. All you need to do is prepare the surface of the door, drill holes in the kick plate where required and screw it into place. You can also bond them onto the door with a strong adhesive if you prefer.

Metal kick plates at Buy Metal Online

Choose metal kick plates in a range of materials including aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel, as well as more decorative options such as brass and copper. Also available in our popular aluminium checker kick plates. Buy Metal Online offers precision cutting in almost any shape or size you require. Our metal kick plates will be cut to order and can be made to any size you need. Choose from metal thicknesses of 0.9mm up to 3mm and sizes from 600mm x 150mm to 1000mm x 150mm.  Simply select a metal, choose a thickness, select a size and we’ll do the rest! If you need something special or have a specific request, tell us in the extra options box. We offer a Best Price Guarantee so we won’t be beaten on price. If you find the same quality product elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 5% or more! Order today for fast delivery to your door with free delivery on all orders over £100. Metal kick plates available: Aluminium Aluminium Checker Plate Brass Copper Galvanised Steel Stainless Steel Please note holes are not pre-drilled.

Metal Kick Plates

copper washed wire mesh sheet
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Galvanised Steel Wire Mesh

What is wire mesh? Strength, squared With its neat formation of regular squares, wire mesh hardly needs an introduction. It’s incredibly useful stuff, being utilised everywhere from farms and factories, to architecture and art. The uses for this versatile material are endless, which is why we provide it in two varieties: galvanised steel mesh and copper wire mesh. You can also choose from a broad range of sizes and apertures, or take advantage of our free cutting service and have your metal wire screen trimmed down to just as much as you need, with no minimum order. The mesh material you choose depends entirely on what you plan to use it for: galvanised steel is great at resisting the elements, for example, whilst copper is a stellar conductor of electricity and heat. If you’re not sure which of our meshes best meets your requirements, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you. Good for: Fences, barriers, insect screens, farming, agriculture, industry, factories, gardening, transport, decor and much more. How it’s made: Metal wire (made of galvanised steel or copper) is woven together and welded into place, using precision machinery to ensure that the apertures are perfectly evenly spaced. Benefits:
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Available in two metal options
  • Wide choice of sizes
What our customers say about us: “Fantastic service from start to finish! The customer service was exceptional and very personable. The steel sheet was reasonably priced, arrived within 48 hours and was well packaged. I would definitely recommend this company!” – Carolyn, Trustpilot, February 2016. Random Fact: Korean artist Seun Mo Park creates phenomenal portraits of people using carefully-folded wire mess. The breathtakingly-accurate artworks look like drawings from a distance, and are an excellent example of industrial materials being used to make art.

Wire Mesh