Brass — The metal of the year 2018

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Interior design gurus are certain that 2018 will belong to brass. From 2015 onwards, we have seen copper almost everywhere: in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. It is still a popular metal, especially when combined with marble. However, it is time for copper to move over as softer, earthier shades are now in style. Brass is definitely the metal of the moment, and it is not only because of its beautiful, gold hue!

Properties of brass: why is it so popular?

Brass has been popular in our homes for decades. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is resistant to corrosion, conducts heat, and is stronger than copper. Because it is easy to work with by hot forging and engraving, brass is extremely popular in decoration. Taps, door handles, light fittings; candle stick holders and plant pots — the possibilities that brass gives us are endless!

Brass: a new must-have for home decor

Looking luxurious with stylish marble and dark green tones, brass can also create a modern look when combined with clean lines and a muted colour palette. The golden hue of brass can warm up any space and creates an elegant, affluent look.

One of the bolder usages of brass is Arteplano radiators — although they look like a plain sheet of metal, they make a statement in every space. Brass counter tops, which can be made with our CZ108 brass sheet, can also entirely change any interior — your kitchen at home or in a bar or restaurant.
Another idea for brass is as wall art. It will reflect the light beautifully and make the space look bigger.
However, brass can be also added as a smaller accent in the form of a bowl, tray, candlestick, or a lamp.

How to take care of brass in your interior: care and cleaning of brass

Brass is easy to clean with a soft cloth and mild soap. You should avoid strong detergents with ammonia, bleach, or acid; as well as cleaning your brass with scrubbing. Brass can develop a natural, beautiful patina. To polish tarnished brass, you will need special brass and copper cleaner. However, sometimes it is just better to let it be as nowadays brass is more about style than about the lacquered, high-polish, yellow gold that we remember from 70s.

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