Inspiring Corten Steel Garden Ideas

Spring is here, and for many that means time for a garden update. We could write all day about the benefits of Corten steel in the garden: its rustic good
looks, its durability, its versatility. But the best way to show how great this metal megastar is is with rich images. Here are some of the most luscious Corten garden designs on the internet. Grab a brew, scroll through and be inspired.

1. Topiary and Raised Beds

Mixed raised beds bordered by Corten steel edging combine with neat topiary in this London garden. For really easy installation, check out our Interlocking Shark-Tooth Corten edging. Note how the copper-coloured foliage and the orange cottage garden flowers complement the glow of the Corten. Look closely and you’ll see there’s even a Corten water feature in there.

2.  Garden Kitchen Splashbacks

The lockdowns of 2020 made many people re-evaluate their garden and what they use it for. Barbecues have long been popular for alfresco eating, but the lockdowns started a surge in popularity of pizza ovens and garden kitchens. Metal splashbacks are a stylish and easy-to-clean addition to any indoors kitchen, so why not add one outside? This Corten steel splashback protects the wooden walls and creates an instant industrial aesthetic.

3. Up the Garden Path

Dutch designer Jos van de Lindeloof used an artful blend of textures to create a real hideaway feeling in this garden. Verdant bamboo bushes and rustic wooden decking make the perfect backdrop for this showstopping Corten steel path. If you’re working with a multi-level garden you could continue the path by installing Corten steel steps. Durable and stunning for many years to come, this strip of mismatched oblongs makes a unique gangway through to a Corten steel bench tucked away at the bottom of the garden.

4. Go Higher

Who says Corten garden edging has to be just a few inches high? We cut ours in bespoke thicknesses to help landscapers create statement designs like this. There’s a big height difference between the wooden deck and the lawn, adding interest and textual variety. The signature orange shade of the weathered Corten makes a powerful statement whilst keeping things neat – and ties in perfectly with the picture-perfect red brick cottage in the background.

5. Be Adventurous

There’s more extra-high Corten edging here, but what really catches the eye in this design is that statement Corten steel hoop. It’s got the air of a portal to another dimension to it, creating a feel of tucked-away whimsy along that crazy-paved path. We love how the blue-green of the low-level grasses contrast with the weathering steel, and how it brings out the shades of the deep maroon plant on the right.

6. Watery Wonders

Corten water features are a great way to add instant designer appeal to your outdoor space. This one, overhung with ivy, shows off a wealth of shades and textures – weathering steel at its stylish best. As well as a striking industrial aesthetic, Corten water features bring the sound of trickling water into your garden or yard, which can be incredibly calming.

7. Night Lights

Don’t keep your amazing Corten water feature in the dark! Use lighting to make sure it continues to wow long after the sun’s gone down. If you’re using your garden to entertain, you’ll impress guests with a water feature that continues to run – and can be seen – in the dark. We love how the deep weathering steel shades on this one are reflected in the surface of the pond below.

8. Savour the Stillness

Not all water features have to move. Take Corten steel water bowls, for example. They’re designed to hold water so that the reflections of garden vegetation gently shimmer on its surface. Opt for one bowl on its own, or a uniform row. A big favourite with landscape designers, water bowl features are designed to instill a true sense of tranquillity.

9. Cut Out and Keep

Corten steel panels are a great way to introduce art to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a floral design or something more abstract, these stunning screens suit a wide range of garden themes. Here, a laser-cut panel with a pretty design similar to our Agapanthus model is used as an intriguing garden gate. Weathering steel is durable and long-lasting, so there’s plenty of functionality to go with the impressive form.

10. Burning Bright

Keep your garden cosy for longer with the addition of a Corten firepit. This garden gains extra points for its statement Corten steel walls. Inviting guests to gather round and toast marshmallows is the perfect way to spend a chillier evening outside. Corten fire bowls come in a wide choice of designs, from traditional to contemporary. They’re built to last for many years to come, and thanks to the orange tones we know and love, look just as pretty unlit as they do when they’re full of flames.