Using metal in the garden – your guide to steel and more for the outdoors.

Metals – perfect for outdoors

Making use of steel in your garden or outdoor space is a fantastic way to add a decorative touch and a different texture to your greenery and break up your little slice of the great outdoors. Many metals also have practical uses in the garden, from sculptures to fire-pits; let’s look at some of the ways you can get creative with metal outdoors.

Image by Chris Brueckner, shared under a Creative Commons 2.0 License.

Steel makes fantastic containers or planters. Depending on the desired finished look there are few options here. A protected steel like galvanized steel will provide shine and catch the light. Galvanized steel planters make a strong style statement and can help create focal points or divide up outdoor space. Galvanized cube planters are perfect for the outdoors in the UK – the galvanized steel is protected by a layer of zinc; this durable steel can withstand the elements. The galvanizing process adds a blue hint to the bright silver, giving a sleek industrial finish.

Corten in your garden

For a more rustic look raw corten steel planters or raw corten steel sheets used to create raised beds are very popular. To begin with the natural corten is a shiny grey but after 3 to 10 months outdoors it will develop an orangey-rust patina that provides a vibrant contrast with lush green foliage.

Raw corten steel is also great for sculptures or screens, while the outer weathered coating looks rusty it actually protects the inside structure of the steel. Decorative items in the garden should be sturdily affixed to surfaces and care should be taken so that water cannot collect in wells or dips as this can accelerate damage to the steel.

Corten Sculpture. Source: Eddie Roberts

Steel makes fantastic fire pits and our raw corten steel fire pits are the perfect hub for your outdoor space. The beautiful auburn hues of the raw corten steel makes an ideal centrepiece for warm summer nights outdoors with friends.

What about a steel garden pond? Skip the hassle of making your own pond and buy a ready-made steel pond. Incredibly easy to install, these ponds offer a stylish professional look and are a stunning garden feature. Once installed, fill with water and aquatic plants you’ll be pleasantly surprised how relaxing a pond can be.

For a cottage garden look trough style planters give a rustic garden feel. Trailing flowering plants look beautiful against the stunning corten steel. These come with pre-drilled holes so you don’t have to worry about drainage.

Image by mroczknj, shared under a Creative Commons 2.0 License.

In short, using steel in your garden is a great way to add unusual features, natural textures and hard wearing planting solutions. We’re thrilled to offer you a selection of steel garden products and will be increasing this range as we head into warmer summer weather.